How to Center Taskbar Icons on Windows 10 (Just Like Windows 10)

Step 1

Right-click and empty area on the taskbar and hover the cursor on Toolbars. You will then see several more options come up. Next, click Links.  

You will now see a section called links along with two vertical lines appear on the bottom-right Windows taskbar. 

Step 2

Right-click on the area that says Links. Now uncheck the fields that say Show title and Show text

You will now notice that the text that says Links disappears. But the two vertical lines that were next to it are still there. 

Step 3

Now click and drag those vertical lines all the way to the left. As you drag them to the left, you will notice the icons on the taskbar get smaller. That's okay. Keep dragging it. 

Once you have drag the lines all the way to the left, they will immediately snap to the right side of the task bar. From that point, you will be able to center your icons with ease. 

See the steps in the video below